I make custom bows to suit all orders. I also make the bow that a particular stave calls for. This means that, in order to make bows for specific orders, I need to find staves which are from the right tree density, grain, and species to fit a desire.


Cost: $600.00 per bow, plus the cost of the bow wood.

Extras:  Backings (examples include sinew, bamboo, rawhide, snake skin)

Complex design requests (contact me to discuss specifics)



  Custom longbows are often in the English Longbow Design, which means that they are built in a ratio of depth to width of 5:8. Since not every wood is right for this design, these bows are usually built from yew, elm, composites, or sometimes osage. These bows are usually 66” or longer, depending on who you ask. I have built many longbows, and have built shorter bows which hold to this design as well.

I usually put a hard material (hardwood, horn, bone, hoof) overlay over the nock of the bows I build, as it adds to bow appearance and tip strength. With English Longbow designs, I add a tip which fits over the end of the limb, with the limb sharpened to fit into the material.



  I’m happy to add reflex and recurves to various staves, as customers desire. My caveat to this is that, on an all-wood bow, recurves are prettier than straight-limbed designs, but are harder to build, harder to maintain, and are no faster than straight-limbed designs. I’m still working on perfecting my recurve forms, but I’m already happy with the developments so far.


  Sometimes a piece of wood just begs for more bending. From these staves I can make short, flat-bellied bows which bend throughout the handle and limbs, delivering a snappy arrow from a low-mass bow. I can sinew-back these bows for greater protection and bend efficiency, and then I prefer to put a cover over the sinew to beautify the bow’s back. These bows are great to shoot in restricted quarters or for carrying through thick brush.



  I love making arrows. I make custom cedar arrows of a length and spine to fit your draw. All arrows have a Bohning finish, classic indicator nock, crown dip, and cresting. I use a 3-fletch helical design. I will send them to you with field points installed, unless you desire other points. Let me know your preferences for fletch, dip, and cresting colors. $100 per dozen.