About Primal Archery:



  I craft beautiful, efficient, resilient bows and arrows from wood. Whether you shoot targets or hunt, I hope that you’ll love your bow so much that you will want to keep it in a visible location in your home to see it even when you are not shooting.


 There is a magic in wooden bows. You will feel this magic when you handle the bow as well as when you see the arc of your arrow toward its target.


  I delight in revealing the bow that arises from a given stave of wood. I am also happy to make period or replica bows (such as Native American designs backed with sinew or tribal markings, or English Longbow designs for re- enactment purposes). My bows are either perfect or unfinished. I never sell a bow unless I want it for myself.


  I will make a bow and arrows, which fit you and your intended draw weight, draw length, and bow purpose. These bows are suitable for fun in the back yard, local and international competitions, or even for hunting African game, as you choose. Whether you want a short bow made for maneuverability or a longer bow for stability, I can meet your specific needs with various wood choices and designs. I make self-bows (from one stave), 2- piece take-downs, and bamboo-backed composite bows. I offer both longbows and reflexed/recurved bows.



These bows will last for many years of shooting, and I stand behind my work.



As there are many people who are new to shooting this kind of bow, I am happy to provide lessons to increase your proficiency. I also offer bow building workshops.



Bowyer’s Bio:



  I’ve been an archery competitor and bow hunter for 33 years. Starting as a young boy in Fairbanks, Alaska with fiberglass longbows, then compound bows; I was sponsored by Martin Archery to shoot for them throughout my teens.


  While seeking my Biology degree in college, I dropped the training wheels (compound bows) and began shooting traditional bows. I switched to my self-made bows and arrows while teaching high school in a remote Alaska village. While there, I taught my Eskimo students to make bows. In the years following, I have honed my craft of making primitive all- wood bows, shooting them accurately, and hunting with self-made gear. I’ve won several awards at target competitions, as well as successfully hunted moose, black bear, and caribou with my wooden bows. As a therapist at an outdoor-based treatment center for teenage boys, I spent years teaching youth outdoor survival skills, as well as social, coping, and life-skills.



  For the past 16 years, I have worked as an assistant guide for Denali Hunts, the premier bow hunting-specialized Alaskan hunting outfit operating from Fairbanks. I’ve guided bow hunters in remote Alaskan locations for moose, black bear, grizzly bear, and caribou.



  I have been active in archery clubs since childhood. Having recently moved to Southern California from Alaska, I currently enjoy shooting tournaments with the San Diego Archers in Balboa park and hope to attend many shoots throughout California and across the globe in the years to come. If you see me carrying my bow through our public lands, come say Hi and show me to your secret hunting spot! I am blessed to have the support of my beautiful bride, Amy. She is also an avid archer and won several tournaments when we lived in Alaska. As you can see in pictures on my gallery, I also have a wonderful Mastiff named Buck.